Monday, June 18, 2012

Peek-a-boo Pattern Shop Review

I love finding new patterns. Especially online patterns. Sometimes online patterns can be tricky depending on the writer. Let's face it, without proper training writing a pattern can be confusing to the reader. I have no sewing training so sometimes when I make my own pattern I create the piece in a way that is not always "correct" sewing techniques or even the simplest way. But it is always fun to try new things, that is how we learn.

Recently I have been doing a lot of work for Amy from Peek-a-boo Pattern Shop. She has a ton of patterns in her shop and I have been lucky enough to test a few. I do not always agree with her directions but I have learned a lot about pattern making from reading and reviewing her patterns. Here are a few of the patterns I have made recently that I love:


Writing a pattern is a tremendous task and not as easy as it may seem. As I said we don't always agree on how the pattern should be done but the end product is ADORABLE!

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  1. I tried her new skinny jeans pattern and they are super adorable. But I agree. Some directions were not the way I would have done them. Plus the 2T size was alot smaller than normal. And I have a small 2 year old. But all around cute patterns.