Saturday, May 26, 2012

Butterfly Jumper

I love summer dresses. The ideal summer dress is light and airy, with bright colors or summer themes. This week I designed a summer jumper for my daughter with butterflies on the font. It uses classic summer prints and textiles: cotton and eyelet.

It is basically a bib front with a full skirt. The skirt is connected in the front to the bib and gathered by elastic in the back. Then I added straps just to keep the dress in place.

 Maybe I will make a pattern for this jumper. Would you be interested? Are you working on any dresses to get ready for summer?


  1. So simple! I love the cross over in the back. The circle skirt is easy enough to make. What are your dimensions for the bib top?

  2. I love it!! I´m from Dominican Republic so definitely I will love to try this dress! Thank you!